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Welcome to WordPress SysAdmin, the site with information about Systems Administration for WordPress.

On this site you will find, in different sections, information about the requirements of WordPress for its installation, some ways to install it according to the operating system, maintenance, performance improvements and security.

This site is designed as closely as possible to a series of courses, so you can follow step by step what you need at all times.

Latest Posts

  • Canonical redirections: www vs. no-www
    One of the decisions that goes by fashions is the use of a domain with associated website and the use of the www or sin-www.
  • LMS: hosting your academic training videos
    WordPress serves for many things, and one of them is everything related to LMS (Learning Management Systems), learning management systems or, in short, setting up an online course platform. The biggest problem of this type of platform is the hosting of videos. The simplest solution is usually to go to Vimeo. It is usually the answer to several problems. One of them, that you upload a video in a size and format, and generates all the sizes, weights and others for the different devices. Next is the protection that is done to block requests from a domain, something that could be skipped with some work. The problem comes when the thing takes its way and you grow more than you have to. Normal plans no longer work and you have to go to higher levels, … Read more
  • Plesk: Domain Redirection and Let’s Encrypt
    When you have hosted a domain on Plesk where you want mail, but the hosting is going to be a redirect, Let’s Encrypt is not available.
  • WordPress backups with restic
    Backing up large sites with WordPress can get complicated. If this is your case, you may be interested in making a copy with restic.
  • WordPress with HAProxy
    Having several WordPress in subdomains, folders, and without using WordPress MultiSite, can be a necessity that for some situation of the project is necessary. And to achieve this, we need HAProxy.
  • Basic security and anti-spam plugins
    When you start a project with WordPress one of the first moments is to choose the plugins that we are going to use, and especially those of security and antispam.
  • WordPress Update Procedure
    This procedure is a proposal for large projects in which there are many people involved, and in which some control of updates is required.
  • WordPress Newspack for Google News
    Many medium-sized media outlets may not have easy access to Google News, but if you have WordPress you can easily adapt your business using WordPress Newspack.
  • Comparing WordPress from PHP 5.6 to PHP 8.1
    WordPress 5.9 is going to support from PHP version 5.6 to PHP 8.1 and this article presents a small summary of load and performance tests of how one of the available versions works with face.
  • MySQLdump with coding issues
    Although today everything is in UTF-8 (even in UTF-8 mb4) it has not always been like this, and when there are migrations with mysqldump it is possible to find that when restoring “rare letters” appear.

Why this site?

Throughout the Internet we can find dozens of manuals about WordPress, but occasionally they are limited only to the basics, to a simple installation, without considering everything that is around the systems that accompany the software, or certain improvements that can be applied to tune WordPress.

This site is the compilation of several projects that have evolved throughout the type and that have ended up merging to be able to centralize all the information instead of being dispersed.

Who is behind this?

Hello, I am Javier Casares, systems administrator and part of the WordPress Hosting Team.

I’ve been using WordPress since March 2005; my knowledge of systems administration, SEO and WPO have led me to launch this site where I collect information about WordPress from a systems perspective, always keeping in mind that WordPress is code.

Doubts or suggestions?

If there is any text or tutorial that is not clear to you, please contact me. Moreover, if you think something is missing from the site, ask for it and I will create a tutorial for it.

If you want a professional Systems Administration service for WordPress, don’t hesitate to send me a message, either.

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