Gravatar Cache

One of the services that we see very frequently on all sites with WordPress (and without) is that of the avatars generated by Gravatar. This service allows you to associate an avatar (usually a photo representing a person) with an email account. This way, when you make a comment or register on a site, that avatar associated with the email account you’re using will appear.

Gravatar hosts the images on its own site, which means that calls have to be made to external URLs, so HTTP, DNS and other calls have to be generated to other sites, in addition to being able to reduce privacy since, in this case, Gravatar seeds cookies through all the sites through which you pass.

Taking into account these two factors, an interesting approach to improve the loading performance of the site is to cache the images locally, so that external calls do not have to be made.

For this we have a couple of options that work in a similar way:

  • Optimum Gravatar Cache: This plugin creates a copy of the avatars and does it in bulk through WordPress’ own cronies, keeping the images up to date. IF you have a lot of comments, it is an interesting option.
  • Avatar Privacy: The objective is the same as the previous one, although in this case no crones are used and, in addition, it allows the management of the privacy of the avatars for each user. A good option if you are in Europe and you have to comply with the GDPR.

Without a doubt two very interesting options that will improve the load and performance of your website.

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