Comparison of WordPress Sandbox

On many occasions we need to test a plugin, a theme or some specific Functionality of WordPress, but it is very likely that you are lazy to have to do a complete installation to test a functionality.

This is where WordPress Sandbox services come in, websites that with a few clicks create a WordPress that lasts only a certain time, limited in terms of resources, but available to be that sandbox in which to play.

Some time ago we had the now defunct “” that required nothing to use, only access. When they disappeared, other sites began to have some visibility.

Comparison table

SITERegistrationVolumeDestruction (without/reg)Destruction (with/reg)WordPressVersions WordPress MultiSiteBeta and/or RCVersions PHP VersionsMedia UploadInstalled Content
InstaWPOptional10 sites8 hours2 daysManyNoYesMultiple256 MBNative
JurasicOptional7 daysNoNoNoNo512 MBNative
QSandboxObligatory1 site30 daysNoneNoNoNo12 MBNative
Sandbox PageObligatory1 siteNoneNoNoNo128 MBNative
TasteWPOptional6 sites2 days7 daysManyYesNoMultiple60 MBNative
TrenchDEVObligatory1 site30 daysNoneNoNoNo400 MBNative
WeTopiObligatory3 sites5 days15 daysNoneNoNoMultiple200 MBNative
WPSandboxNo8 hoursSomeYesYesNo128 MBDemo
WP-SandboxObligatory1 siteNoneNoNoNo3 MBNative

Which one to choose?

Test non-stable / Beta / RC versions

In the event that you want to test plugins and unstable PHP configurations (such as a development version of WordPress, or a version of PHP that is not the one you usually use), the best solution would be InstaWP.

Try a quick plugin or theme

In this case there are two options.

If the more technical part does not worry you (for example, being able to choose PHP) WPSandbox is a good option, since it includes “demo” content that to visualize a theme or try can go well.

If you are interested in doing in-depth testing, but it is something quick (to put on, try it and forget), surely a good option is InstaWP.

Try a WordPress Multisite

If you want to quickly try a WordPress Multisite without having to do the configurations yourself, the fastest solution is TasteWP.

Some details


It has an integration with Slack if you’re registered. From Slack you can use the command /wp to create an instance immediately.


When creating the installation allows a WP-Config with certain advanced settings.


It’s a Plesk with the WordPress Toolkit. It would allow you to convert the site to MultiSite with Subdomains.

Do you know of any other providers?

If you know of any other providers that are not on the list, please tell me and I will do a small review for analysis and comparison.

About this document

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