Extra WordPress Tools

Last Revised: October 2, 2021

There are our own or external WordPress tools that help us to perform some interesting tasks when managing or analyzing our sites or external sites.

On this page there are tutorials or reviews about these tools, how to install, use or configure them.


Performance Testing with WP Performance Tester

Thanks to the WPPerformanceTester plugin we can easily perform some performance tests on our WordPress. These tests do mathematical calculations, manipulation of text strings, looping iterations, conditionals, tests on MySQL, and actions on $wpdb.

Static WordPress with WP2static

If we have simple sites, simply with information, but in which users do not interact with anything, we can create static sites in which everything is HTML, CSS, JS and content.


WordPress Security with WPScan

WPScan is an open source tool that allows you to analyze the security of any website with WordPress, your own or others. This is why it is important to protect your site against all the possible warnings that this tool uses, since it is the one that many intruders use to analyze.

Antimalware Scanner for WordPress

AMWScan is a tool written in PHP and that analyzes PHP code, so it comes perfect when it comes to analyzing WordPress. In addition, it has an integration when it detects WordPress that performs some extra tasks, such as the checksum of plugins and themes in the official repository.

Firewall with WAF for WordPress

We will use WAF for WordPress, which includes several blocking functionalities; mainly we will use two of them: the first that analyzes the HTTP requests that arrive by the URL, and the second that analyzes requests to the core.

Ubuntu Firewall with CrowdSec for WordPress

Having a firewall at the Operating System level is not usually a simple task, and that is why we usually install them as WAF for WordPress… but what if there was a firewall that was easy to install and maintain by the community?


WordOps to manage WordPress VPS

If we have WP-CLI that allows us to completely manage everything around WordPress, once installed, we have WordOps as a tool for managing the creation and maintenance of WordPress sites in an unmanaged system.