Backups in WordPress

Last Revised: October 2, 2021

If we talk about security we have to talk about backups . It doesn’t make sense to put measures that help the security of your site if you don’t have a copy of it later that allows you to restore a failed configuration.

When we talk about backups with WordPress we talk about two (or three) parts, depending on your site. The two main ones are the database and the files. The third is that of the TLS certificate that allows access by HTTPS.

Backups can be done in many ways, manually (as a good system administrator would ????) or automatically using a plugin. Again, for this there are dozens of them, although I recommend one in particular that allows you to store the data generated in several places.

In addition to having backups it is important to leave one of them on the machine itself (not accessible by web) and send another to any other place (Dropbox, Amazon, an external server …).

Finally, we will have a backup copy of the TLS certificate files. These files do not need to be copied every day or week, as they are updated at the earliest every 3 months.

And finally the million-dollar question: how often do I have to make backups? Well, in general it will depend on how much your site changes with WordPress. If you publish several posts or content every day, it may be interesting to make a copy every 6-12 hours. If you publish or change items once every so often, you may already have enough of a weekly copy.

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