Strong passwords for WordPress

Last Revised: October 2, 2021

What can we consider a strong password today? Well, probably one of 36 alphanumeric characters and with symbols. From there, whatever we want. And there are several rules to follow when we talk about a password; the first and most important: to be as unique and random as possible. Obviously there are passwords that we must facilitate for daily use, but in those cases it is highly recommended to change it with some frequency.

Another important detail is that passwords are better generated with random systems and not “you with your keyboard”, because it is not as random as it might seem.

You can for example try to generate a password with the Password Generator tool.

Remember to keep a backup of your passwords, so it can happen, preferably in applications prepared for it.

If you have multiple WordPress, remember not to use the same password between them. It’s easy to know if you have more than one website, and if you compromise one of them, try to avoid the others using different passwords.

Remember that your username and password are likely to circulate on the Internet already… 1400 Million Clear Text Credentials Discovered in a Single Database.

Seguir con Seguridad para WordPress

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