WordPress Web Hosting Security

Last Revised: October 2, 2021

When we talk about security, web hosting and WordPress, the only conclusion that can be reached is: your web hosting provider has to offer you a secure platform.

There are many types of web hosting, from shared , managed hosting , -call it cloud, virtual machines …- to the other extreme where you have dedicated, self-managed hosting , -call it VPS, Amazon …-.

The main questions you have to ask yourself when choosing a hosting are what versions of the operating system they are going to offer you, if they are upgradeable to newer versions, who is going to be in charge of managing the machines. If for your project you have a system administrator, or simply your project can be considered medium or large, it is best to have a dedicated hosting, managed by yourself, in which you basically dedicate 3% of the turnover to it. This is a simple rule but it helps to be able to raise a basic idea of what you need to invest in web hosting.

On the other hand, and starting from this base, there are many web hosts that offer specialized services for WordPress. The fact that your provider knows in depth the software you are going to use will allow you to have a service that, in case of generating problems, can be solved with the symbiosis between software and hardware.

Your web hosting is like the physical store of your business. It is not the same to have your physical store in the center of a city or in a shopping center than in the outskirts. Each of these places has its elements in favor and its drawbacks. Choose your web hosting correctly as it will greatly influence the security of your site.

Keep your clock on time

Keeping up with the time of your server and website is important for many reasons. On the one hand, because if you have to check “logs”, knowing at what exact time things happen is important. In the same way, if you use verification tools, it is possible that they synchronize the data of your website with those of your mobile (for example). Remember that the servers are always set to UTC time, and then you can configure your WordPress with the time zone you want.

Seguir con Seguridad para WordPress

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