Some of the services we offer to optimize your WordPress.

Table of Contents

Installation and Configuration

We install a WordPress on a VPS server configured and optimized to get the most out of the infrastructure.

By default it will be installed on a VPS with Ubuntu, with the stable versions for WordPress of PHP, MariaDB, Redis and other services, in addition to its custom configurations for the needs of your WordPress.

We are not going to give you an accommodation ourselves. Accommodation is something so important that it has to be under your control. We are going to recommend what you need according to your project and we can assemble your project and optimize it to the maximum.

A shared hosting can cost you the same as a dedicated VPS hosting for you, as well as having control of the services and versions of everything, with a personalized optimization that a shared hosting does not offer you, and for the same price.

Whether you want a new WordPress site or migrate your current site, it’s a good option.

As a general rule, the steps are to assemble the infrastructure and validate its operation (Server, SSH, Database, Web Server, Cache Layers …), make a first migration and validate that it works, and once you are sure that everything is fine, make the step to production very planned. A process that can be a couple of days to validate everything.

Plesk for WordPress

Also, if you want or have a Plesk, we can make the necessary optimizations for its main operation with WordPress sites.

Optimization and Performance

If your WordPress works weird, we can do a review of the infrastructure, plugins and other elements to find bottlenecks.

Make an analysis and propose solutions and alternatives to what does or does not make your site work correctly.

We will review, among other things, the configurations of the operating system, web server, database server, cache configurations, in addition to WordPress itself.


We maintain your VPS server for WordPress, in addition to WordPress itself.

We will also proactively configure and track both the server and the services so that, in case there is a problem, we proactively review them.

We will also configure and maintain active security systems (anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-DDoS, firewall).


If you have to migrate your WordPress site and want to do it safely, and with minimal downtime, we can safely migrate it.

As a general rule, a well-prepared migration will be approximately 6 hours, with a maximum drop time of 1 hour.

Hacks and Viruses

Have your WordPress been hacked? If you need to do a cleaning of your site, find the problems and patch the site and hosting, we can review, if your hosting allows it, all the code of the site.

In addition, we will scan the site with the same tools that hackers use to block as many detections as possible and thus avoid possible attacks.

WordPress System Administration Services

Do you have a high traffic WordPress website? Are you an Agency with servers with cPanel, Plesk or other panel on which you maintain WordPress for your clients?

If so, and you are interested in a professional WordPress infrastructure maintenance and performance improvement service for your or your clients’ websites, contact me.